Board of Directors

We need your help to fulfill our vision of making K-12 Catholic Education available for any child.

SMA Foundation Board of Directors


We, the Directors of St. Mary’s Academy Foundation, believe that this opportunity for Catholic Education must be maintained by providing a stable financial base for the operation of the school. An investment in St. Mary’s Academy Foundation is investing in the life of a child.

Current Board Membership

  • Ann Stanley, President
    • Member since 2013
  • Traci Brock, Vice President
    • Member since 2019
  • John Pereira, Treasurer
    • Member since 2003
  • Jim Healy, Secretary
    • Member since 2019
  • Tara Donivan
    • Member since 2014
  • Mike Omeg
    • Member since 2015
  • Jeremy Thompson
    • Member since 2015
  • Bob Thouvenel
    • Member since 2008
  • Father Steve Garza
    • Ex Officio as Pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church

How does St. Mary’s Academy benefit?

The interest income from the Foundations investments is given annually to St. Mary’s Academy’s operating budget.

How has the Foundation helped St. Mary’s Academy?

The Foundations disbursements to St. Mary’s Academy through the last 34 years total in excess of $400,000.00.

How does the Foundation help children today? 

The Foundation provides a minimum of $20,000.00 of funding to the school on an annual basis. In addition to the interest income from the Endowment Fund, the Foundation Board invests time and energy into fundraising efforts, which result in additional unrestricted income for St. Mary’s.

Get Involved

Generosity is the foundation for the many achievements of St. Mary’s Academy. The desire to contribute extends from the school’s staff, who go the extra mile as a matter of course, to the many parent volunteers who help facilitate all the extras that make a St. Mary’s education such an enriching experience. This level of giving is what helps make everything else possible.

We all want to offer our help where we know it will do the most good. Perhaps nothing can match the lifelong impact of a faith-centered education in the Catholic tradition. These richly formative years at St. Mary’s Academy are shaping caring citizens who go on to lead meaningful lives and have a positive impact in their communities.


  • Children are a gift from God and hope for the future.
  • We believe that the heart of our program is religion, integrated with high academic standards to provide a unique learning atmosphere.
  • We believe that the whole person – spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social – interacts with the environment.
  • We believe that St. Mary’s students carry into the world a well-balance education enabling them to be bearers of Christ to their fellowmen.
  • We urge all who share these beliefs to support the Catholic School System with investment of time, talent, money, loyalty, and prayer.